My first post, Nanowrimo

Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month, or nanowrimo. 50,000 words in 30 days. I tried this for the first time last year. I didn’t win. I let life and excuses and fear stop me. This year I WILL win. I have a plan this time. My plan consists of several essential points.

First, I made an outline. I doubt I will actually stick to the outline. I’m more of a pantser but I figured it was worth a try. Plus when I get lost, or my muse hides I can always refer back to the outline and hopefully get back on track.

Second, I actually got involved this year. Last year I joined the Facebook group and signed up on, but nothing else. I lurked around and read or liked posts but contributed nothing.  I was too scared. This time the regional leaders set up several workshops and I decided that fear wasn’t going to stop me from going. I went to each workshop and when I was invited to a writing discussion group, I went. I am still going to that group meeting every week. I went to the meet and greet event and the kickoff.  I believe that one of the reasons I failed last year was because I did it all alone. Sure my kids suddenly had to talk to me every second and my dogs decided I was the most interesting person on the planet, but I could have done it. I could have put more effort in and I could have overcome the obstacles. I could have decided not to give up. I didn’t and except for feeling sorry for myself I wasn’t truly held accountable. This year I am not isolating myself and if I need support I’ll get it.

Third, I’ve told everyone I know that I’m doing nanowrimo this year. Last year I told four people besides my immediate family and each one looked at me like I was crazy so I stopped talking about it. Now when people look confused and shake their head I just explain what I’m doing and tell them that I will exist in the world again next month. I told the kids that there would be dire consequences if they interrupt my writing time. I put a pet/baby gate up at my bedroom door to keep the dogs away.

The kids will survive a month’s worth of hot pockets and crock pot meals. My husband will try his best not to distract me. My writing group will encourage and support me. I will conquer nanowrimo this year. No excuses.

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