Missing Motivation

Today I woke up and I couldn’t find my motivation. It was raining, maybe the rain had washed it away. Or maybe it was merely hiding from me.  I sat in front of the computer and no words were coming out. I fiddled around on the internet. Research would surely get me going. Nope, but I did find a lot of random blog name generator websites. I also have some great new recipes to try. What I really needed was to get some writing done. I didn’t really want to fall behind on my nanowrimo project. I decided that I needed to get out of the house. Yesterday I cut most of my hair off but it wasn’t quite right so I went to get it trimmed a bit more (it turned out well).  I took my laptop with me just in case I randomly felt the need to pop into a coffee shop or restaurant to write. On the way home I noticed a Starbucks near my house. I normally don’t go to Starbucks because every location is frightfully busy but there were only a few cars in the parking lot and hot tea sounded good so I stopped. I’m not even a coffee drinker but that place smell ridiculously good and I started feeling better immediately. Luckily there was a table open in the corner so I sat down, pulled all my writing paraphernalia out and mentally crossed my fingers. The next thing I knew it was an hour and a half later. My back hurt, one foot was asleep, Pandora had stopped playing who knows how long before, and I had written close to 1500 words. I was stunned. Clearly I knew I was writing but I had been doing more thinking through the scenes in my head than actual typing. I sat up straight, tapped my foot for a while and thought about what had happened. My motivation wasn’t missing, it had been patiently waiting for me at that coffee shop. All I really needed was a venue change. I figured out that doing the same thing in the same way every day doesn’t work for me. Next time I’m feeling unmotivated I’ll make the effort to chase it down, or maybe I’ll just open a window or sit on the porch. The important thing is to try something a little different.

Hopefully I’ll get more writing in this evening, but for now I’m over my daily word count goal and I learned a valuable lesson. It’s definitely been a good day.


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