Failing Nanowrimo?

There are some people in my region that are already giving up on Nanowrimo.  Hey, Nanowrimo is hard.  Life gets in the way, our muses hide, motivation is lacking. School had to be a priority. Work doesn’t care that the next great American novel is in our heads. Laptops break or are expensive. Writing by hand takes too long. Our bodies won’t believe us that we will actually get some sleep in December. I’ve heard a lot of this in the last couple of days. I wish I could convince those people that all those things are hurdles, not roadblocks.  Whether you get to 50,000 words or 25,000 or 1,000, you wrote more than you had before. The point is you are writing so you didn’t fail. Write as much as you can and when you can. Even if you don’t like what you wrote in the end, you can see it as writing practice. Practice is what makes perfect possible so even just trying nanowrimo is good. Don’t give up.

And to anyone who knows someone who is already trying to give up, please encourage them to stay the path, you might just be the thing that nudges them in the direction they need to go.

On a side note, I got very stalled in my story today. I sat at my computer and nothing but exaggerated sighs came out. I picked up a legal pad and a pen and before I knew it my muse remembered I existed and I had written 500 words.  The moral of this story is before you give up, try something new or different and see if it helps. Write on.

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