Odd occurance

Today I went to hell, otherwise known as Wal-Mart. I was there for sherpa blankets for my dogs and random other stuff like paper plates and toiletries. Everyone shopping there today was awful. The top secret anger/idiot gas that gets sprayed on everyone as they walk in the door was working. Anyone that could get in my way did. If there was an opportunity to give me a nasty look, it was taken. So a typical trip. But as I walked through the aisles I noticed something very odd. No grumpy employees. I know you don’t believe me but it happened. All the workers were laughing and happy. They were stocking shelves so at least ten asked if I needed help. They were Happy! These people made even the most irritated looking customers smile. It was awesome and totally brightened my day. I still got in the worst line, with the slowest cashier there. The lady behind me still got irritated that I beat her to there, but I left happy. Now this was my fifth stop of the day and I had four more to go. I should have been grumpy myself but after that I was beaming positivity.  I smiled at everyone who crossed my path as I shopped in other stores. I’m sure a few people thought I was nuts but they smiled back. Who would have thought that a trip to Walmart would make my day?


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