Nanowrimo Update

Well I’m behind. I’ve only gotten a little past halfway to my goal. Maybe I should be upset but I feel like I can make it. Yesterday I wrote 3500 words. That may not seem impressive but I had a very busy day. If I can write that many words when I have a lot of other things to do then I have a chance. Last week I felt like I had lost my way a bit in my story but I went to a writer’s discussion group and after a lot of talking and someone asking me a lot of questions I got many new ideas and my inspiration back. I still have to push distractions away, of course. I keep catching myself spending time in book two’s storyline when book one needs to be my priority. Other stories won’t leave me be. New story ideas bombard mercilessly. I’ve taken to jotting down quick notes about anything that intrudes into my thoughts and then I get back to work. I think it’s better to take notes rather than accidentally train myself to stifle good ideas.

Another thing I’ve been doing, which may or may not be wise, is work on one other story occasionally. I work on my nano project until I’m tapped out. Then if the mood strikes I’ll pull up my fantasy story and see what happens. Yesterday, writing magic happened. The day before, I added two sentences. I figure as long as nano is put first, it doesn’t really hurt to sneak in work on other stories here and there. There’s a little danger of that story forcing itself ahead of the other but I decided to risk it. I’m probably a bad nano’er but I can live with that.

Now it’s time for me to figure out how a young fairy can teach herself to fly. Good luck to all the other nano people out there.


  1. Its hard not to get distracted, or have other pressing matters come in between you and your nano time. I found myself sneaking on to my games. And like you, I have other writing projects in the works, so I would sneak off on to those as well when something popped into mind.
    This was my first NaNo, and I’m an overachiever, so I whizzed through it. I tried to follow the ‘dont edit’ rule, which was hard.
    Best of luck to you on reaching your goal! I’ll be over here in the corner with pom poms cheering you on! 😀

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