How often is too often?

I’ve thinking a lot about quantity when it comes to blogging. For me personally I haven’t fallen into any particular pattern for when I write posts. Part of that is nanowrimo, but that will end soon. I don’t know how I feel about setting a schedule. I’ve always been the type that when the mood strikes, I write. There have been a few days where I posted more than once. There have been times where I skipped days. Honestly I have no idea how anyone else feels about how often one should post. I know that of the blogs I read I’ve not felt strongly one way or the other if they post really often. I do find that when someone only posts sporadically,  I kind of lose interest, but I’m still new at this so that could change over time. Overloading your readers sounds like a bad idea of course. I suppose I should just write what I want when I want and perhaps not publish immediately after writing each one. If I do go on a blogging bender and it bugs anyone feel free to tell me to shut my trap.

On another subject, I wrote eleven sentences in my nanowrimo project. I’m not ashamed, I’m proud because I’m sick today and I still made myself do a little something.

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