Necessary Dumb Move

Note to everyone: Never, ever reformat your computer during nanowrimo. If you do, you might have a long day ahead of you. I was having problems with my PC. My husband had installed the 32 bit Windows 8 version, when we needed 64 bit. This did weirdness with my ram, it was using only a quarter of what it should. This in turn caused problems with, well I’d like to say everything but the truth is, it was mostly about World of Warcraft. It really did cause other problems but like everyone else, I have my priorities. So to use the 64 bit we had to format and everything wrong that could happen did. It’s turned into a many hours thing. This got started before lunch and it’s a little after 8pm now. It’s still not finished. I’m estimating an hour more. Since the computer has required my attention every fifteen minutes or so, I’ve gotten no writing done. On the plus side: I dusted everything in my bedroom that could possibly be dusted. I cleaned off my desk. If you knew how monumental that task was, you would be impressed. Some organizing finally got completed, which is good because if there is an empty surface anywhere in the house, I will find it and put a pile of something on it. I talked to my Mom on the phone, which hasn’t happened much this month. Best of all, because computer problems stress me out and make me cranky, (and my husband is a very wise man), I got an hour long, uninterrupted, bath out of all this. So, now I’m calm and actually in the mood to write. I won’t be able to write enough to catch up with nanowrimo par, but some is better than none.  Hopefully my next nano update will be more impressive. I’ll keep telling myself that at least something got done around here!


  1. Argh, my best wishes go out to you. PC problems, when you have a deadline for something are the worst. And as luck would have it, the last time my PC decided to go *poof* during a lightning storm, none of my important stuff was backed up on my Dropbox. ARGH! Hopefully you didnt lose anything, and just have the added headache of reinstalling all those programs and such.
    At least you did get some stuff done! Kudos for that. Getting me to clean off my desk is like pulling teeth…lol. I HAVE A SYSTEM!!!
    Best of luck catching up on your NaNo work!! 😀

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  2. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to
    say fantastic blog!


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