Still frustrated

Twenty three hours ago I was writing a rant about my computer. I predicted I would be finished dealing with it after an hour or so. Well, my PC has made me a liar. I’m still working on the stupid thing. It’s like a rebellious child, acting out and refusing to do what it’s told. I have images of a two-year old showing me how fluent it is with the word NO. The harder I try, the more resistant it is. A few minutes ago I got blue screen of death. I think of that as my computer flipping me off. Or maybe it’s Microsoft giving me such a rude gesture. One of the two hates me. I just hope that I don’t turn into a two-year old and throw a tantrum. I’m not giving up though. This is bringing out My rebellious side. It will NOT defeat me.

Minor Nanowrimo update. I’ve written about 1550 words today. Hopefully I can double that before I go to bed. I’m not on track to win but I might surprise myself. Hopefully no one in my family if offended when I write during Thanksgiving dinner.

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