Writing Spree

I titled this post writing spree, but it’s more accurate to say I went on a writing rampage yesterday. I was in the final stages of reformatting my PC (for the 3rd time) and updates were going well. I started asking myself some what-if questions and all of the sudden my fingers were flying across the keyboard. When new ideas struck in the middle of what I was writing, I just added them in at the end, or in one case I let an idea take over and it was a good interruption. When I thought I was finished I pulled out an old spiral where I had written up the first few thoughts and a tentative scene about the story. It was awful. Horribly written, amusingly so. Kind of trite and grammar was none existent. However, the seeds were there and I was reminded of a cool twist I wanted to add. So I read through it all, tossed it out and started that part over. I wrote for so long that my back was killing me when I stopped and my husband had come home. I didn’t even know I was hunched over the keyboard that way. Hell, I didn’t even know the time. I didn’t even care. I took an Advil and made my husband listen while I explained everything I had written. So, that brings me to a nanowrimo update. My word count is 44,462. I might actually win this thing. My stats page tells me that if I write 1385  day I will finish on time.

One of the lessons I learned this year is I will not ever work on a middle grade story for nanowrimo again. They are just too short and my first drafts are too bare boned for that genre for nano. Another is that I really can write every day. I can even sometimes write a lot in a day. Did I mention that yesterday, besides the computer junk, I made cookies and cheesecake cupcakes? I also went to PetSmart, Walmart (nightmare), and two different grocery stores? It was a busy day. I got this. Silly things like life aren’t going to get in my way.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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