Did that really just happen?

I got on a roll today and really into what I was writing. I’ve barely moved in the last five hours. My daughter interrupted me to ask if I was making dinner tonight. I got to a stopping point and went to see what we had. I got that all worked out and started and came back to my laptop. I was a little thrown off and had trouble getting back into it. I decided to check my word count. I figured if I was on track that I would stop for a while and either pick back up tonight or start again in the morning. My word count was 50,436. I almost fell out of my chair. I scrolled up and looked over what I had written today, 5607 words worth, just to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind and written gibberish. Last week I decided there was no way I could possibly finish on time. I don’t even know what came over me. I’m ridiculously happy and I hope all the good feels I have going on carry me through editing next month. I’m going to keep going but soon I think I may have to take a few days off from writing. For now I’m glad that the ugly tense feeling I’ve had since the beginning of week three is going away. I’ve decided that everyone who does nanowrimo, myself included, must be crazy. Crazy feels pretty good right now though!

Good luck to all the other Nano’s out there. Congrats to the other winners


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