Nanowrimo Messes With Your Head!

In a recent post I said that Nanowrimo was for crazy people. I must amend that. I’ve decided that it’s Nanowrimo that actually makes one crazy. I think each participant becomes several different people at once. There is the person that deals with family and friends. There is the writer that is actually writing. There is the nut job (at least for me) that throws in insane ideas and asks questions that are designed to change everything in the story. The depressed person in the middle of the month that believes they will never finish makes an appearance. Week three either deepens that or brings out a frantic happy person that can hardly stop the words to sleep. We can’t forget each character that’s being written about since they each have a part of the writer in them. Oh and whoever the hell that is that can’t their mind on the project at hand!

In the beginning of November everyone is enthusiastic and idea are flowing freely. It’s an amazing time and can make your story grown and evolve and become rainbows and unicorns. Then, if you win Nanowrimo, you go back and look over what you’ve written and realize you were just as crazy in the beginning as you were in the end, just a different crazy.

For me personally, I feel relieved, happy and slightly let down. My husband was awesome and amazing. He bought me a card that made me almost cry. The other people in my life that are not writers basically gave me a golf clap when I finished. My kids were more happy that they don’t have to eat only Spaghettios, ramen and slow cooker meals anymore. The people in my nano region were like ‘good job, now leave me alone so I can finish.’ Then I looked over what I’d written. Luckily it was more bare bones than awful, but I realized something. I had written half each of two stories. There was just too many things happening for one. That’s not a terrible problem to have I suppose. Except now I have to go write the other halves when I thought I would be getting into editing mode. I feel lucky that I don’t feel the need to throw anything out completely. Also, the habit of writing every chance I get is pretty ingrained now.

If this seems incoherent, well that just proves the point.


  1. Great post. I wrote two novels during NaNo, but I’m one of those overachiever types, have no small children and such, and no one depending on me for nourishment other than the fat cat. My downfall with NaNo was resisting the urge to edit. ZOMG…it was hard.

    I think anyone who participate in a challenge has a streak of craziness in them. It just becomes more developed as the process rolls along.

    I revel in my crazy. BE CRAZY WITH ME!!! I’ll keep you a seat warm.

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  2. You know it’s funny, because when I did NaNo last year for the very first time, I didn’t care so much about winning but rather picking up the habit of writing every day. That was an epic fail. Soon as I was done I went back to working 14hours a day and not giving a minute to writing except over the weekend. Sad seeing as I did win NaNo.

    This year I did it again… but not in the same state of mind: because there were so many changes in my life already and I still decided to tackle this major extra. Because it’s a huge commitment. What you wrote is a little bit more what it felt like.

    The good thing is… I am now writing every day and in order to ensure that I do I try to blog every day. No editing, so most of what I write will probably end up in the garbage but it’s a start.

    Thanks for letting me see that I’m not alone in my craziness 🙂

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