Blogging 101 Assignment – Say Your Name

The assignment today is to edit my title and tagline. I must confess, I’m not changing either today. When I started this blog in November I played around with everything that I felt I could without messing stuff up. I struggled to come up with a blog title and changed it several times a day until I found one I loved. I felt strongly enough about it that I purchased the domain name. As for the tagline, it’s perhaps a little simple but it gets the point across. Besides, I know I will change it again if something inspires me. I do think everyone should play around with these things, I certainly did.


  1. I actually was drawn to your blog because of the catchy title, and I am an editor. My only suggestion would be in reference to the word “Writerish”. You’re a WRITER, my dear, not merely “-ish”. Seize the title with pride! “THE WRITER’S RAMBLINGS!”

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