Flash Fiction – Chivalry

He didn’t hold the door for me. I wasn’t precisely expecting it, but since I was right behind him going into the restaurant, I guess I assumed he would. Not because I’m a woman, but because I’m another person and him not holding it made it almost hit me. I would have held it for him so I was a little irritated. He was in front of me in a very long lunch line and he kept turning around and looking over my head, never making eye contact. My order came out before his so I found a booth in the corner and sat down. The man positioned himself so he could see the counter and watch me. I didn’t see this at first. The lady at the next table, with the loudest stage whisper I’ve ever heard, informed me that he was giving me the stare down. I looked up and sure enough he was. I turned my attention back to eating. After a few minutes he got his order and sat at the table in front of mine, facing me. He watched me eat and seemed to pace himself to match. Occasionally I would look up and he would quickly look away. I had no idea what was happening. One minute I don’t exist to this guy, the next I’m the center of all his attention. Finally I finished the most uncomfortable meal of my life and went to throw away my trash. He did the same. I got a good look at his face. There might have been a bit of embarrassment there, I couldn’t be sure. I walked quickly to the door, reaching it right before him. I held the door for him.

This story wasn’t about him.

This is my Write Anything Wednesday thing. I always take up the challenge but I rarely post it, so I decided to today.


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