Write Anything Wednesday #5

It’s Wednesday and it’s the same challenge. Write anything! Free-write if you’re not feeling particularly creative. Write a paragraph, scene, or chapter (or more) in a current project if you have the time. If you are good at poetry (I wish) then write a poem, or several. You could write a synopsis, or a rough outline for a new story. Back story is a good one to work on if you already have a project going but are a little stuck, or have limited time. If you need a prompt:

  • John is the most boring man on the planet, by choice. Excitement is not part of his plan and is most unwelcome. Write a scene or story about a day that shakes him up. Or maybe write why he is that way.
  • Write a piece about what you would do if all the coffee crops failed.
  • Who is Connor and why does it seem like he knows exactly what you’re thinking?

Today I intend to do some free-writing and then work on my middle grade novel. If I can, I will also work on some more flash fiction. I’m thinking about using each prompt.

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