My Worst Nightmare

This has nothing to do with writing, other than the fact that I am writing it. I’m so traumatized that I have to share this. Let me give you a little back story. Four years ago I quit smoking. That wonderful/terrible act threw my body into a tailspin. Within a few months my blood sugar issues, that once were periodic, were out of control. It’s a long drawn out story but the short of it is I got the blood sugar under control. The biggest part of that is I gave up sodas, mostly. I used to drink Dr. Pepper like it was water. I can’t believe my kidneys survived this long. It was hard to give it up but I did it. I drink tea and water now. Occasionally I have a soda but I tend to get Coca Cola because I don’t want to be tempted back to old habits and I don’t like it as much as DP.

So, the nightmare. I was being lazy today. I wanted caffeine but I’m not feeling well so I didn’t want to make tea. I decided to have a Dr. Pepper, just half a can. Not only did it make me feel light-headed, but it was disgusting! I couldn’t even finish it. That sickly sweetness made me feel, well, icky. I’m devastated. I feel like I lost an old friend. I’ve always had a love/love relationship with DP but now I don’t even want to smell it. I almost feel like my body betrayed me. Don’t worry about me, I’ll get over it. In all honesty I really like barely sweet tea a lot now. I think I’ll give up Coca Cola too because it was just a rebound thing anyway.

Dear Dr. Pepper, It was great while it lasted. You’ve been a part of my life since I was a child and I will mostly think of you fondly but some relationships were not meant to last. Breaking up is hard to do but I realize now that it’s been over for a long time. It’s time to move on. In the immortal words of Shinedown – “I can’t live in the past and drown myself in memories.” Take care of yourself. I’ll still buy your t-shirts and I still want that fleece blanket with your logo on it.


  1. I hardly ever drink fizzy drinks at all any more – and when I do, they cause havoc in my body. I guess if you don’t drink them for a while, your body forgets how to deal with them 🙂

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  2. Ha! Guess what I WON’T be drinking at writing group this Sunday. This reminds me a lot of smoking,when I gave that up. I never noticed the smell, but after I quit… holy hell. Though, the only reason I quit smoking was because my wife, then girlfriend, would make me wash my goatee(sp) after every cigarette. Enough was enough, I said.

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  3. I gave up coke last summer because of Diabetes. I had a can today and ended up not finishing it. I’m pretty sure I could climb walls right now if called upon to do so.

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  4. I love the way you write.
    I fear that your liquid friend may have had an ulterior motive when he cosied up to you. I think he steals the enamel from people’s teeth and absorbs it. I just haven’t yet figured out what he gains from this, apart from the obvious improvement of his finances.

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