Write Anything Wednesday #10

What will you write today? I’m not absolutely sure what I will work on. Today will be my change of pace day. For the last couple of months I’ve been mostly writing at home, which is good, but sometimes a change of scenery is called for. I will probably end up in a coffee shop (drinking tea). I don’t like the taste of coffee but I love the way it smells. There is something about it that wakes up my muse and puts me in the right mindset for being creative. There’s got to be some science behind that. It doesn’t matter, because I believe it works for me, so it does.

My plan is to finish plotting out my new project. I might think about my middle grade for a while but I doubt it. That one is giving me trouble. The other thing I want to work on is a minor re-plot on my epic fantasy project. After that I’ll write whatever I’m feeling the most. The epic fantasy story is the one I’ve been bringing to my critique group so I should probably concentrate on it.

I also have two weeks to come up with a flash fiction piece for the group. We each came up with a protagonist, antagonist, conflict, setting and genre and wrote them on index cards. They got mixed up and passed around. My story has to be about Tim–the traveling tool salesman and an evil stepsister sorceress who is evil for her own gain, set on post-apocalyptic earth. The conflict is: the last Twinkie on earth has been stolen! Oh and it’s supposed to be a contemporary steampunk, new adult epic thriller. I don’t even know how to feel about it at the moment. We’ll see how it goes. Perhaps I’ll post it when I figure out how to write it.

Now about your writing, what’s it going to be? An outline? Maybe plot cards? Write a poem or micro fiction. Whatever works for you.

If you need a prompt:

  • If you’re either amazing or crazy, use the parts mentioned above.
  • Explain why you do, or do not like using a journal. Do you own more than you use?
  • Change your personal setting today, as I am. See what comes to you.
  • Tell your life’s story from someone else’s point of view

Happy writing!

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