Sometimes people just need a change in their lives. It could be little, like a man shaving off his beard or growing a goat-tee. Other times it’s bigger, like a mid-life crisis car, or a major wardrobe overhaul. For me, it was a haircut.

This was no ordinary haircut. Oh it started out that way, but changed quickly, and often. I went into the salon and explained that I wasn’t absolutely positive what I wanted to do, but I wanted the back of my hair a little shorter than the front, then I asked for the stylist’s advice.

Her name was Elyssa and she was almost good at keeping a straight face but I caught the ‘oh crap’ look in her eyes. I found out during the cut that she was new, not only at the salon, but she had recently graduation from cosmetology school.

We started with a bobbed style. I hated it. That’s a lie, it was super cute, but it wasn’t really what I wanted. Too bad for her, I still didn’t know what I wanted. She made a few suggestions and she cut a bit more off. This cycle repeated a few times until my hair was sitting right along my jaw line, which was three inches shorter than when I got there.

I would have left it like that but Elyssa wasn’t stupid, she could tell I wasn’t really happy with it. I assured her that she had done a fine job. My hair looked great. She modestly agreed but told me she wasn’t letting me out of her chair until I was satisfied.

She called another stylist over and we all discussed my hair some more, looked at a few pictures and I finally made a decision.

I feel the need to explain myself a bit here. Normally when it comes to my hair I’m very decisive. I go in knowing what I want. I tell the person cutting what I want, ask for advice if they don’t think it will work, then get the haircut. Simple, quick, easy.

My hair backstory this time changed all that. I wore my hair short for most of my adult life. Then four years ago I decided to grow it out. Two months ago I cut nine inches off. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find the right length, all while trying to avoid going back to really short.

Did I say people sometimes need a change? Well in this case I needed a change back.

When I told Elyssa exactly what to do I thought she was going to fall over. What I asked for was basically the opposite of what I’d originally told her I wanted, and complicated. Let me remind you, she had little experience. I wasn’t scared, she’d done great, not only with the cutting, but the dealing with her indecisive customer. Plus, my hair grows fast, so even if I didn’t like it, it would look different in a couple of weeks.

She had to get advice a couple of times and I had to point out things she missed a couple of time but we got it done. It’s short in the front, extremely short in the back. I love it! In a way I look like myself again. It’s no wonder I was never happy after the first big cut months ago. I’m glad I finally stopped avoiding what I wanted all along.

Haircut I hate taking my own picture, but I wanted to show the results.


  1. Your hair looks so cute!!

    I let my hair grow until I can’t it anymore. Then snip! It gets cut very, very short. The last time I cut it was last year in March. I haven’t touched it since then. Another change for me was just letting it be curly again. For the past ten years I dried it straight. I’m itching to cut it again, but it’s not the right length yet.

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  2. You did great! I’m predicting that as the days, weeks and months pass you’re going to fall into your new cut & style even more than today.

    Not to mention the breeze… It’s going to feeling amazingly refreshing as it whispers on your neck as it moves over you 😉

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  3. I am in the middle of the same dilemma. Thought I wanted to grow it, but now fed up with the straggly look. Thing is, I have never been really sure what suits me, (apart from forward all over the face!) Glad you got there in the end, though. Well done…

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