Write Anything Wednesday #20

It’s Wednesday, you know what to do. Write something. An outline, a paragraph, a list. If you have time, write a short story or a few scenes. Revision counts. A blog post, or even better, write a few posts to save for times when you’re so busy you don’t have time to write.

Change up your routine if you normally write every day. Go outside, or to a coffee shop. You could even go to a pub (I need to try this one). If you normally use a computer, grab a journal or notepad and see if inspiration hits, and vise versa.

The important thing is to write. Make it a weekly don’t-mess-with-my-writing-time thing. If not today, then pick a day that works for you.

If you want a prompt:

  • Take an important character (that is not your main character) and write a short story where he/she is the protagonist.
  • Write a scene where your MC is hungry, angry starving.
  • Make a story out of an overheard conversation.

Happy writing!


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