Everything Update

Writing Update: I am progressing on the five flash fiction stories I began last week. I had a bit of a roadblock that kept me from working on them for a few days but now that I’m back at it, I hope to finish by Friday. I would also like to work on my WIP but I take that a day at a time. It’s all plotted out so I simply need to write it. Don’t laugh at me, it’s not polite! I have worked on various scenes here and there and I’m confident it will eventually come together.

I’m trying to get caught up on the class I’m taking. The lesson I’m about to start makes me concentrate on each individual scene. I’m looking forward to really digging in and I think it will inspire more writing. If I have to lay in bed with a pencil and a spiral I’ll do it!

Reading Update: I am on the last book of The War of Souls. I’m enjoying it. I like this trilogy better than the one about the twins. I don’t know what I will read next. Probably either some David Gemmell or Snow Crash (I’m almost over the desire to avoid this one).

It will probably be some time before I write a review since I haven’t been reading any of the books on my list of books I should have already read. Maybe I’ll catch up after I’ve completed therapy.

Photography Update: I haven’t been out taking pictures at all. When I do this I tend to do whatever it takes to get a good shot: lying on the ground, bending, stretching, climbing, etc. I know myself well enough to know I’ll get lost in it and hurt myself. So I’ve put my camera away for a while. I’ll get back to it as soon as I can.

Personal Update: I have jury duty next week. Everyone cross your fingers that I don’t get selected. While I don’t mind doing the jury thing, I don’t think my back can take it.

Medical Update: Home physical therapy didn’t work for my back, in fact it made it worse. I will begin formal physical therapy tomorrow, followed by an MRI on Wednesday (which is why it will probably take me until Friday to finish the flash pieces). I’m a little nervous about the therapy because I know it will hurt and I am the biggest wimp on the planet when it comes to pain. I’m a lot nervous about the MRI. I’ve never really thought of myself as claustrophobic but I suspect I will not like being in that machine at all. They haven’t called me about my x-rays but I saw the report online and it looks like the x-rays really said nothing at all. It’s what my doctor suspected would happen, hence the MRI.

I think my thyroid medication is working because I’m not as sleepy all the time but it’s hard to tell how much good it’s doing me since being in constant pain colors everything. Still, I’m happy that something is changing for the better.

Blog Update: I’ve thought some about changing my theme. I do like the current one but there are a few things I don’t care for. If you see multiple themes in the days to come, please have patience with me. Also, don’t be terribly surprised if I change it five times and end up back with this theme. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit.

I am also considering dropping either my regular Wednesday post or the Saturday Six Minute Challenge. If anyone has an opinion on this, feel free to weigh in.


  1. That’s one big update with its various ups and downs. This will be a long comment! Well done for continuing the writing through your back problems, not easy at all. As for jury duty, surely that is a definite no. Have you got a letter from your GP excusing you? Good luck with the MRI. I’ve had a few, not pleasant but necessary evil. At least they have ear-defenders on now which wasn’t the norm before. It should show what is wrong with your back. Is it advisable to have any treatment before they know what is wrong, in case they aggravate it? Just wondering, speaking from experience. Good luck with the new theme try-outs, have fun and the same goes for your blog, continue to enjoy writing them, we all appreciate Wednesday and Saturday but if one is too much or you want to try something different, change it.

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