Write Anything Wednesday #28

It’s Wednesday, you know what to do. Write something. An outline, a paragraph, a list. If you have time, write a short story or a few scenes. Revision counts. A blog post, or even better, write a few posts to save for times when you’re so busy you don’t have time to write. Do ten minute sprints. You might be surprised at how much you get accomplished.

Change up your routine if you normally write every day. Go outside, or to a coffee shop. If you normally use a computer, grab a journal or notepad and see if inspiration hits, and vise versa.

TURN OFF YOUR WI-FI!! Don’t worry about emails or Facebook or Twitter or anything else. All that matters is writing.

The important thing is to write. Make it a weekly don’t-mess-with-my-writing-time thing. If not today, then pick a day that works for you.

If you would like a prompt: In honor of my impending MRI today:

  • How would your main character deal with a dreaded visit to a medical practitioner, whether it be surgery, tests, leeches, magic, bone setting, etc.
  • How would their sidekick or love interest react if they were with the MC for this procedure?
  • Any tricks for writing when you’re down and out?

Happy writing!


  1. hope the MRI wasn’t as awful as expected and that you have some answers soon enough – to get you feeling better and well again.

    As for writing – when down and out?

    Just show up – to the page – notebook, keypad, scrap of paper – just show up – and allow it to happen – not everything that flows from pen pencil stylus crayon inked feather quill is going to be bloody marvelous – not everything will turn into something spectacular – but it’s part of the process. And no one has to see it or know – other than *you.*

    3/4 of the battle – showing up.

    Right – easier written or said, than done sometimes. 🙂

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    1. The MRI wasn’t too bad, although laying on my back for that long was decidedly unpleasant. As for writing, I’ve been keeping a notepad nearby! I recently had an idea for a new novel so I made a file for it and wrote all the ideas I had as quickly as I could. I might not actually write it for a long time but I was super excited to have any kind of idea, since that hasn’t happened in a while. Maybe I should buy some crayons to write with, you never know, that might be the one thing that Is spectacular during all this lol.

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      1. Lol – laughing at the crayons – well – anything can prove to be inspirational.

        Sorry to hear the MRI was that uncomfortable – well, they never really are good things, but when it’s specifically the back – and lying that still for that length of time – yeah, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

        Glad to hear you have been inspired – as for when? The point is – at least you now have it down, yes? And from here – who knows what may happen? And curiosity is supposed to be one of the writer’s staple foods, so – here’s to another victory! 😀

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      2. Hey, crayons, lipstick, charcoal, – maybe not your own blood.
        Pencils, pens, anything to make a mark on.
        I watch a show once where the guy wrote on his walls in a glow type marker so the only time you could see the ‘writing on the wall’ was under black light.
        You should know I watch a few of the CSI shows…

        Anyway, glad your MRI went as smooth as it could.
        You might want my longer verse place, though that’s not the daily site you poke onto.
        I also do flash fiction at another site. My attempt at organizing my writing.
        I’ll book mark your place. I have more time in the summer…
        Thanks for prompts. I like to mash them up sometimes.

        All the best. Jules

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