Writing: Not much to say on this. I’ve been editing my newest flash fiction stories and working on and off on the class I’m taking. I’m conflicted about the stories. I really like the remaining three I haven’t posted here and part of me wants to share them. The other part says no, save them for the collection I am putting together.

Writing/Personal: The reason I don’t have much to report about writing is due to medical junk. The problems with my back have gotten worse over the last few days so I haven’t been doing much work. I don’t know why but I have an appointment with the pain doctor tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get some answers. I don’t know exactly what to expect when I go see this doctor. I assume he/she will decide on a plan for me and not much else since it’s my first visit.

Assuming this doctor will explain my MRI results, it will be the first time to actually talk to a professional about it. My regular doctor (actually her nurse) only left me a message saying: “After reviewing your MRI results the doctor wants to refer you to a neurosurgeon.”

Everything I know about the MRI is because I downloaded the report and turned to Google. Before beginning the search I assumed everything I looked up would say I’m dying, no cure and worse, because every illness/injury you look up online garners those results. I was surprised to find actual facts which I then discussed with my mother, who has had multiple surgeries due to the same thing I’m going through. It seems like I’m the offspring destined to go through every negative (medical) thing she did.

But on the subject of the pain doctor, I’m nervous. Everyone I know that has been to one tells me I’ll probably be getting injections in my back. My sister-in-law gave me a graphic description of what it feels like, which both terrified and comforted me. The only other thing a pain doctor can do for me is give me muscle relaxers and naproxen or ibuprofen. I cannot take narcotic pain relievers. I’m one of the lucky few that gets thrown off-balance by those types. I took one kind after giving birth and I couldn’t sit up or even close my eyes without seeing weird colorful explosions behind my eyes, or at least that’s what it felt like. Another one, given to me by a dentist was worse and I only took half the dose. Both went way beyond dizziness. I can’t even take Tylenol with codeine because I get dizzy and nauseated.

If I do get an injection I hope it happens in the next two weeks because I’m going on a very long road trip at the end of the month. By long I mean Google maps says it’s thirty hours of drive time. FUN! It is usually three days on the way there but I’ll end up at the beach so it won’t be all bad. It may take longer if I need to stop more often to get out and walk around. We are going to see my husband’s family and they will understand if I can’t be super active but I’m still nervous about it.

I’m taking all my writing paraphernalia and since I can’t handle sitting on the beach all day every day I will probably actually get some writing done. I’m also taking my new camera and making my husband take me to all the cool places he’s talked about to take massive amounts of pictures. The beach part of this trip is for a week and then we go to his parent’s house, who live in the middle of a forest, for a few days. Photo opportunities will abound!

For this week my goals are to get as much writing related activities accomplished as I can. I have to either get up and walk around a bit or go lay down after sitting for thirty minutes so I don’t know how much writing I’ll be able to do. It’s likely I’ll stick to flash fiction for a while since I normally start by hand writing them. I can take a pencil and a spiral with me when I can’t sit up anymore. If anyone knows any good writing prompts let me know. I’ll take any inspiration I can get.

One last update: I was recently asked why I haven’t been posting my regular Write Anything Wednesday or Saturday Six Minute Challenge. The short answer is I’ve been too distracted by everything else. I might start posting one of them again soon but I’m unsure which, or even when. I don’t really know how useful anyone else found them. Personally I always make sure I do some writing on both Wednesday and Saturday even if I don’t any other day.

Speaking of writing, I’d better get to it!


  1. I hope that your meeting is not as frightening as you think – and that some really viable treatments and plans are available to you. There is nothing worse than being crippled by chronic pain – here’s an idea: write a bucket list on how you’d love to kick its butt! LOL 😉

    Take care of you – and do what you have to do to get by – hopefully manage better than just that – but as one who knows – well, we do what we can – which is all it can be.

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