It’s almost vacation time! I’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks. I’m taking all my writing paraphernalia so it’s possible I’ll drop a few posts but I’m also going to the beach so it’s equally possible I’ll forget my laptop exists. Six of the days will be spent driving. I plan to do a lot of writing with a pen during that time.

Only the first week is at the shore. We’ll spend four days at my in-laws’ house as well. I’ve mentioned they live in the forest, I’m super excited about spending some time there! Sitting on a beach is nice and all but I’m more of a trees and mountain vacation kind of person. None of those landscapes are available where I live so all are great experiences, but the second week offers so much more for me.

I’ll have plenty of photo opportunities I won’t have again for at least a year (beach and forest). My in-laws have this great deck I can lounge on and stare up at the trees. This is a cool thing since most of the trees in west Texas were planted, so they are young. I hear there is a bear in the area so maybe looking up isn’t the thing to do but still, I can’t wait. My husband tells me there is an abandoned summer camp in the area. If I can gain access to it I’ll get some great pictures there and maybe some writing inspiration.

I keep changing my mind about what writing project I’m going to work on. Part of me thinks I should stick to one novel, though which one to choose is the problem. The rest of me wants to work on only flash fiction, or two novels, or nothing. It’s a vacation and it wouldn’t be so terrible if I didn’t write. However, with all these problems with my back, I won’t be able to do a lot of the things I would have otherwise. I might as well spend my forced downtime doing something constructive. I get bored pretty easily and if I just lie around I’ll end up sleeping a lot, which I do NOT want to happen.

I bought a couple of new e-books and I’m bringing a few paper books as well for days when I’m feeling lazy, mostly for the beach. I have an absurd amount of unread magazines as well. I feel like I’ve planned as much as I possibly can. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to be more active than I think. Something as simple as walking down the boardwalk and buying touristy junk will probably be difficult though. I’ll do it anyway. There is this large surf shop we always go to with awesome nerdy posters. I got the exploding Tardis last year and I’d like to see what’s new this time, plus pick up the ones I was undecided on before. I also want to search a Christmas ornament store for a lightweight dragon. We may have to go twice!

Also, the best caramel popcorn on the planet is found on this boardwalk so I’m going no matter what! My husband wants fudge. Sadly I’m not as into chocolate as I once was, but I still get to keep my woman card! Maybe I’ll be in the mood for it by the time we get there.

Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing my husband’s family. I hit the in-law jackpot, his entire family is great. I truly wish we could see them more often. It will be a great vacation! That’s assuming my kids, all grown or teens don’t mess up the house while I’m gone.

I might write one more update post before we leave. I go to the neurosurgeon tomorrow for my first visit. Hopefully he will set a plan and I’ll know better what to expect over the next few months. More on that another time.


  1. My most of my in-laws are great. It’s just my mother-in-law and her baby sister that I don’t get along with. My family makes my in-laws look like saints.

    Hope you can stock up while on the board walk till your heart is content. While wandering around the deserted camp make sure you have an undated tetanus shot in case you come across rusted nails, etc.!

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  2. Nice, happy, optimistic post 😊. I head to Maine in 48 days for my own vacation, but I’m only taking my dog along. We’ll hike, canoe, take a thousand photos, visit waterfalls and ponds, mountains, lighthouses on the rocky coast, and the site of a B- 52 bomber that crashed in 1962. The wreck was left where it lay as a memorial to the guys who died. Anyway, I seek inspiration everywhere I travel, and Maine is the most inspirational to me. Hopefully, this year I’ll actually post my observations to my blog.
    Thanks for another great post!

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