Story A Day Challenge – Day 16 – Patience

The Story A Day Challenge prompt is late today and I have to go to physical therapy soon. I probably won’t feel much like thinking, let alone writing, when I get back so I wrote something now. Also, patience and I don’t really know each other very well and I simply didn’t want to wait. If the daily prompt gets posted later I might use it to write something tonight and post it another day.


Patience was not one of Jake’s Virtues. He already had Charity, Diligence, Kindness and Humility. Now he needed Temperance and Chastity, which went hand in hand. But first he must acquire Patience.

It wouldn’t be easy. Not the most even-tempered man, self-control was something he knew he needed to practice. When he was finished with Patience he hoped to be able to practice moderation.

Jake found her in a bar and lured her outside. “What is your name?”

“Anna,” she answered.

“No, now it is Patience.” He killed her slower than the others, satisfied with his steady pace.

I was asked yesterday if I always write really short stories, as in 50-100 words. If it wouldn’t have been painful I would have fallen out of my chair laughing. If the guy who asked me only knew how hard I find writing these super shorts! Today’s for example. I would love to explain how Jake killed the first four of his victims and why. It would be fascinating to go on and tell the story of Temperance and Chastity. However, I set the rule for myself for today to write 100 words. Reining it in is difficult but I’m thrilled I did it.

Rough draft 98 words.


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