Nanowrimo Update

Day two went well. I’m now sitting at 5034 words. I felt like I should have done more but if I had then I wouldn’t be able to sit at the computer long enough to get any writing accomplished today. That is probably the hardest thing for me this year, having to limit myself. I want to write a little extra today, tomorrow and Thursday for padding because I have to get a new kind of injection in my back on Friday. Since it’s new to me I don’t know what to expect and can’t assume I’ll be able to write afterwards. If I’m going to assume anything it’s that I want to sleep when I get home.

My story is going well. I’ve written the first act. Five thousand words isn’t nearly enough for an entire act but when I’m writing first drafts I tend to be very bare bones about it. Amazingly enough I did include a smidgen of description (very different for me). I will flesh it all out later. Right now what I needed to get out was how The Ghost War started, who was to blame and a little of what led up to it. I also needed to introduce one of the love interests and the main antagonist (besides the legions of ghosts). I will probably go back at some point this month and add a little about other characters who will come together. I haven’t yet because I don’t know anything about them yet. Well I know my main character is going to piss them all off, often.

I did do some planning this year but I’m a pantser at heart. I’ll meet the new characters later. With the exception of an omniscient view of ghosts destroying each other and figuring out they can cause the death of humans, I’ve been writing in tight limited third person. I don’t know if it will work for the entire novel though. We’ll see. If I change my mind and expand it I will just change over and act like I’d been doing whatever I change to all along. Then I can go back and revise the rest. I do know it won’t be in first person, besides some short journal entries from the main character at the beginning of each chapter. She shares nothing with anyone so it’s necessary to show what she’s feeling through her writing. It’s also important for a plot twist that I’ll keep to myself for now.

I’ll begin working on the second act in a few minutes. The first sequence will be easy, it’s all in my head ready to be typed up. The second sequence, well…I know what I need to happen but this is where I have to introduce the characters I haven’t made up yet. This is where we’ll see if I can half plan and half pants my way through a novel. The second half of act two should be easier as well but I won’t get close to it today. The second half of the third act will be the hardest for me since at the moment my ending is basically ‘Drae and her allies save the world.’

I won’t be posting daily updates but I’ll write them as often as I can. To all the other Wrimos out there, keep going and ignore your inner editor. Be happy you’re writing!


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