Nanowrimo Update

I broke 30k. The last couple of days I wrote a grand total of 1060 words, averaged. Today I felt the need to not only make up for that but also to try and get further ahead. I have a medical thing that will probably prevent me from writing on Friday and between Thanksgiving day and school being out all next week I know I’ll have my weakest writing days of the month.

It’s amazing how popular I become when I’m busy and the kids are all here. Especially considering how I don’t exist to them when I have nothing to do!

So I’m trying to stack the deck. It’s been hard. I’ve had seven days this month where I wrote somewhere under 1000 words, a couple of them I didn’t even reach 300. I’ve also had many days where I wrote over 2000. Two of those were well over 3000. I’m hoping today will be added to this list. I’m sitting at 2481 for the day. I had to take a break and move around but I plan to do some more writing today (fingers crossed).

I introduced a new character today. She’s very ambiguous thus far and interesting. After figuring out I am not so great with writing likable female characters I’m spending a lot of time on this one. She’s one of those people who wants to be bad, or at least thinks she needs to but will eventually decide to be a good guy. So she has to be a little villainous while not making anyone hate her. I do like to challenge myself!


Breaks over! Back to writing for me.


  1. Ah! It is so true , they always really really really need us when we are totally immersed in something 😉
    Wishing you all the best with NaNoWriMo and that your medical thing will make you feel better.
    Turtle Hugs

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