Flash Fiction – Tyler’s Brave Face

Tyler’s full attention was on the approaching storm. His face pressed against the window, he stared as the rain closed in. Fear crept in as the first drops blurred his view. Instinct told him the squall would be a bad one. He was right. Soon the pelting water forced him to back away, lest the glass break.

He could see things flying around outside but he didn’t know what they were. Tyler enjoyed the bright colors – blue, yellow, and red – for a moment before he remembered the danger. The sound had brought his awareness back. He’d never heard anything so loud, not even when Daddy yelled at him.

He glanced at his father and saw he was smiling at him, the type meant to make Tyler feel better. He couldn’t let Daddy down so he kept the scream working its way out of him firmly inside as the noise died down for a moment then intensified.

Finally it got very quiet. They lurched forward and the car was buffeted by strong gusts of wind. Tyler worried the storm wasn’t really over but finally he saw the sun again. He turned in his car seat as they pulled away and stared into the storm cave’s exit. He was so happy they escaped that he let out a relieved giggle, hoping they would never have to face it again.

In the front seat he heard Daddy talking to Mommy as she drove. “See, he’s laughing, he loved it. You thought he would be scared! We’ll have to do that again soon.”

When Daddy glanced at him again, Tyler put on his brave face. He couldn’t disappoint Daddy.

I was watching Project Runway Junior and in the episode the kids went through a car wash and were screaming and carrying on as if it were actually scary. I thought ‘well a little kid would be terrified,’ and the story was born. I know it needs some polishing but I will be doing no editing during Nanowrimo.

Wondering why I’m writing this and not working on my Nano project? I had a medical procedure and while it went well I was left with a huge bulging bruise that to put it delicately, hurt like hell. Add that to the sedative they gave me worked a little too well and I slept for several hours once I got home and my day (for writing) was shot. As wonky as I’ve been feeling, I’m lucky I was able to write the story and then this blog post.

Oh and the red, yellow and blue are the ‘tri-color’ soap from the touch-less car washes where I live.


(This all happened on Friday, but I didn’t want to post the story late so I scheduled it for Saturday morning)

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