I Won!

Yay! A few days ago when I only had 11,000 words left to write I was absolutely sure I would win. The day before yesterday I was not so sure. Thanks to medical junk and Thanksgiving I had fallen behind for the first time all month. It wasn’t that I wrote 1667 every day, I didn’t. What kept me ahead was a series of really good days that made up for the really bad days.

Still, I was worried. Then yesterday I was cautiously hopeful. I managed to write over 3000 words, getting me back on track. Then today happened. I woke up in a lot of pain, more than normal and my first thought echoed a common phrase heard in my household full of teenagers: Of course! I got up, ate and watched the latest two episodes of Doctor Who (wow!). Then I cleaned off my desk and dresser, which was extremely necessary. It wasn’t all that much work but I was exhausted by the time I finished.

Between my weakness, several sneezing fits and a general all around yicky feeling, I was forced to acknowledge something was wrong. I’m hoping I’m wrong but I suspect I’m sick. Tomorrow will probably be much worse if it goes the way it normally does when I get colds.

This mean I absolutely had to finish up Nanowrimo today. I worked in small bursts and part of the writing I did using dictation software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which is on sale at Amazon right now). I only got it yesterday so I’m still learning but it was helpful when I scrunched myself down in my desk chair and babbled out a scene when I didn’t feel well enough to sit up and type. It can actually understand my Texas accent, most of the time. I really do need to learn to say want in a way that doesn’t sound like won’t.

I’m only willing to use the software with my door closed and when my husband is not here. Since he was only gone for a while I switched to regular typing during my next try to write. He was in another room fixing something electronic but I won’t even order a pizza over the phone if I think someone might hear me!

I had to stop typing frequently because as the day wore on my head got more foggy and I was a bit light headed. I didn’t know it at the time but I had a tiny fever, just enough to mess with me. So if this post seems a little disjointed, you’ll understand.

I’m trying to work up some enthusiasm about winning but what I really feel is relieved. I am happy but any celebrating will have to wait.

On the super, wonderful, spectacular plus side, I’m actually happy with most of what I wrote. I know it needs some serious revision but that’s okay. I have something to improve upon instead of a hunk of junk I’d rather burn.


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