Rambling & Writing Update

Okay, there are two types of toilets so there are two types of toilet seats right? WRONG! It is not at simple as round or elongated. Noooo, some companies LIE in their measurements. Don’t even get me started on different qualities, ugh!

And how the hell does a not very old toilet seat get broken by a kid anyway? No, not even a kid, an adult who happens to be my kid. My only advice if you’ve never had to replace this part is measure everything, even if it seems unimportant. And pictures, take lots of pictures.

Well I feel better now. On to more important stuff, like writing. I have a lot of plans to share but not a lot of work. Since Nanowrimo ended I haven’t written a lot. I was sick (much better now, thanks for all the well wishes!), and a little burned out. My muse must have liked the break because I’ve had too many ideas coming out of nowhere.

I shouldn’t do it but I might work on one of these new things. It has to do with vampires and werewolves, except it kind of doesn’t because in my story those creatures are all dead. It’s more about what happens after they die out. Have you seen Pacific Rim? In the beginning the main character is narrating as he tells the backstory. I can picture that guy doing the same thing at the beginning of my story. I almost see it as a movie. This could be cool or a terrible idea, we’ll see. Maybe it will be my first screenplay.

I also plan to work on the seven rough drafts of flash fiction I have waiting patiently for me to revise them from good stories into great ones.  These I will put in a collection and sell on Amazon. I just need to finish them up and come up with at least three more. One is about a talking pig, who doesn’t like a talking pig? I was going to try to have it finished before the end of the year but my lower back decided otherwise.

No ETA yet as I am still dealing with doctors and procedures and when I try to plan it falls apart because of those. My latest thing will be on Friday and I hope to have a better idea of future medical steps after that.

Even though it sounds like I will be busy I still want to get back to work on my fantasy trilogy. I’ve written a little more in it but mostly at the end, of the third book. I was stuck for a long time and partly because I didn’t know how it would end. I knew my heroes would save the world but nothing more concrete. I haven’t written the full climax but I got down the events leading up to it.

It’s fantasy so my logical side says there should be an epic battle and the good guys should almost die but my muse wants to just lift the bad guy high into the air with magic and drop him, breaking most of his parts but letting him live. Then strip him of his (stolen) magic and thrown him in a deep dark dungeon. It’s what he deserves but probably not what will happen. I will confess to writing that exact scene to see how I liked it though haha.

In other writerish news I bought two pieces of software that I hope will be really helpful. I got Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software and Aeon Timeline. Dragon was on sale at Amazon (still is because of cyber week sales) and I’ve wanted to try it for a while so I took the plunge.

I’ve played with it some and I like it but it’s hard to get used to hearing my own voice. Every time I’ve dictated I catch myself speaking too quietly, even though the door is closed so no one can hear me, and slower than necessary. The volume I’m working on, but speaking slow isn’t bad because I’m also enunciating properly. It understands my southern accent, because I clicked that option, but there are some words it struggles with. The biggest problem is I have a character named Sel. You can probably see the issue. I’ve taken to calling him Bob so I don’t have to correct each time.

As for Aeon Timeline, I’ve also wanted to try it for a while. I tried a few free timeline programs and they were just too simple, exactly what you’d expect from something you don’t pay for. Aeon was recommended to me by several people and when I found out you could make custom calendars for fantasy stories I was sold. It was also 40% off for Nanowrimo winners so I figured now was the time.

It comes with a few example timelines from novels which I’m excited to check out.

That’s it for writing stuff but in other news I also preordered the next World of Warcraft expansion – Legion. I can’t wait to make a demon hunter for those who care about that kind of thing. I love playing WoW with my husband and can’t wait for new content.

My Christmas shopping is done. I found a new coat, don’t ask how hard that was! I’m able to regularly find Oreo Thins. I settled on a new flavor/brand of gum. As a former smoker who replaced cigarettes with gum this is important. I found two perfect calendars (office and kitchen) and the perfect planner. My laptop isn’t as slow as it was and I finally found the world’s greatest book bag, actually I think that’s its name at Barnes & Noble. Most importantly, I have a complete first draft of a novel!

So it’s already a good month even though I’ll continue to gripe about pain and doctors.

I told you there would be rambling.



  1. I’m glad your month is starting out so well. ^-^ Also, I totally understand the appeal of flinging your villain around and wringing him/her out like a dirty mop. I’m actually surprised that more fantasy novels don’t end that way. XD

    I’m intrigued by this Dragonspeak thing… but I don’t think I could ever do it. Words sound weird coming out of my mouth, even when I read them from a page. I have grave doubts as to my ability to compose out loud. lol ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate hearing myself talk but I am getting a little more used to it. One thing I’ve found really helpful with the dictating is if I speak a sentence that is weird, stupid, or somehow wrong it’s much more obvious than reading it. On the flip side if I think it’s going to be humorous or amazing in my head I can tell right away if I was correct.

      I couldn’t do it all the time but it’s a nice tool to have, a different way of thinking.

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