Everything Update

Writing: I’ve been working on some flash fiction pieces. Seven to be exact. A few are fantasy, but the rest are more mainstream, with one being closer to horror. I hope to have them all completed within the next couple of weeks.

After I finish writing those stories I have to make a decision. Do I work on revising my fairy tale or work on my new story? I will potentially be housebound for over a month soon so I’ll have plenty of time for either. I don’t want to try to work on both. I can’t flip flop between creative mode and editing mode very easily. I’m leaning a bit towards creating because I’m worried I won’t do a good job of revision/editing during this time. If I mess up a story I can always fix it in revision later. If I mess up revision now I can only look forward to more revision than would have been necessary.

My worst fear is I won’t be able to do either for 6-8 weeks but we’ll see how it goes. Which brings me to the next part of the update.

Medical: This is more of a pre-update. I go see the surgeon tomorrow morning and I’ll find out if/when I will surgery. At this point I am hoping for surgery. My back has gotten worse. All this time I haven’t had to deal with sciatica but a  month ago I was shifting in the car to get more comfortable when I had what I think is a muscle spasm. I’m not really sure. I just know all of the sudden I was in immense pain and stayed that way the rest of the day and into the morning. It got a little better over a few days time but I was left with pain in my hip and running down into my leg.

Now everyday when I wake up my hip and hamstring hurts like crazy. It works itself out a bit as I move around but it hurts to move around so I have to consciously decide which pain I’d rather deal with each morning.

If I do have surgery then it will be a long one. Anywhere from 3-12 hours depending on what all needs to be done. I’ve been told if it happens it will be a fusion. It also means I’ll be in the hospital for three to five days with a 6-8 week recovery. I won’t be able to drive or pick up anything or twist or bend or much of anything.

I imagine I’ll be a big crybaby no matter what the neurosurgeon says so it might be a while before I write up an update on what happens next.

Photography: I haven’t taken a decent picture in months. However, if the doctor tells me I’m having surgery soon then I’m going to go take as many pictures as I can before I wear myself out between tomorrow and the day of the operation. I’m one of those people who wants to do all the things they can’t physically do when hurt or sick. This is due to my overly rebellious nature. I even rebel against myself! So even though it could be painful I’m going to go overboard with photos soon.

Reading: I read the first book in a series of eight. In the introduction the author says it’s not her favorite book because her writing was awful. I agree completely. I believe her when she says her writing improves but I’m not sure I can make myself read the next book. It’s written by a woman, for women and it’s laughable. It has a whole lot of pissing contests between various men and a female protagonist who is predictably defiant. It had me yelling at her (hopefully mentally) for the decisions she made. I couldn’t relate at all. I’m a bit defiant but not to the point of putting myself in danger because I know some guy will come rescue me. UGH!

So, I decided to reread some Raymond E. Feist, starting with The Riftwar Saga. I know I like this series and the ones that follow. I figure if I have surgery then rereading during my recovery is better than trying something new. Who knows what medications I’ll be on or how loopy I might be. If I can’t write I intend to read, even if it’s hard.

One more writing update: This is actually more of a goal/plan. I recently purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13, which is speech to text software. It is normally $80-$99 on Amazon but it went on sale for just under $40. I’d been curious for a long time so I took the plunge. If I can’t sit up and write during my recovery I plan to lay down with my laptop next to me and play around with the new software. I’ve already taught it how to spell my weird character names and it lets you tell it what kind of accent you have during the set up so there should be few errors.

I used it to write around 3000 words already and feel comfortable using it, as long as my bedroom door is shut and no one can hear or see me! I was surprised I could use it so easily though. I don’t like hearing myself talk and I knew I wouldn’t do it around other people. Hell, I won’t even order a pizza over the phone if my husband is in the same room (thankfully I can order online)! But I did well. Who knows if what I write using Dragon will be any good but at least it will get on paper!


I’ll post another update as soon as I can. Until then I’ll be keeping up with Write Anything Wednesday and the Saturday Six Minute Challenge. Plus potentially some new photographs.

Wish me luck and all that good stuff!


  1. Goodness! What an amazing lady you are! So dedicated to your writing, plus the threat of surgery hanging over you! All I can say is good luck good luck good luck, and I hope you will be back on your feet very soon. Your speech software sounds amazing. I’m sure you will find it really helpful. If you can’t write blogs for a while, then maybe you could just read other people’s?

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