Writing Update – March 7, 2017

I would like to say I’ve made a decision about what I’ll be working on, but that’s only somewhat accurate. What I know for sure is it’s time to work on my fantasy trilogy. Where the indecision comes in is what part I’ll do.

There are two choices. Revise the first book or write the second. I have the last two books partially plotted. The problem is I don’t want to do extra work. If I write the second, then revise the first, I could end up not using things I write. I could destroy a plotline or add something that requires a lot of change to book two or three.

However, I am almost terrified to come out of creative mode. I’ve been putting off revising several books because I’m afraid I won’t be able to get back into the making stuff up part of writing. Really it all comes down to fear of finishing. I know this logically, but I’m having trouble anyway.

So, I’m going to treat this as a challenge to myself. My tentative plan is to work on book one, and if book two takes over occasionally, that’s fine. If I’m honest with myself, I know if I start writing book two, I won’t stop until I’m done. Then the regret will set in, writer’s guilt will attack, and I’ll shut down. Or I’ll go on to book three and potentially screw everything up.

I wrote a few scenes from the two and three back in October and I know I’ll use them, but I think I should leave well enough alone.

Hopefully, I will stay on track. Discipline skills are a lacking in this writer! The desire is there, and effort will be forthcoming. I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress or failure. I might keep writing flash fiction during this process but I can’t guarantee I can do both. We shall see.

Wish me luck!




  1. I know what you mean. I have three WIP, and I don’t know which to work on first. I haven’t worked on any of them since NaNo. Plus I have a couple short stories I recently started. I hope to finish at least one WIP this year.

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  2. What I am doing is revising Book 1. Considering how much has changed since my first draft, any work I’d put into the second book would – not necessarily be wasted but would have to be severely reworked. I’ve even added new characters to Book 1 which will continue into the series. I don’t know if this helps motivate you, but I hope it helps.

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  3. You’ve basically written my life. The anxiety that of you get into technical editing mode that the creativity will dry up. That freaks me out! This year I am working on one project at a time, instead of writing my romance books while editing the fantasy books. For me, doing too much is worse for my creativity. I spread my muse to thin and she hides under the bed. I’ve found that there’s no right way to write. Just do it. Start your revisions and remind yourself that you are freaking awesome and that flow of creativity will come when you call it.

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