Blogging 101: Header

I added a new header. I am not sure, yet, how I feel about it. Having the black bar across the top of the page, with a picture in the middle is odd. I’ll leave it for a while and see if it grows on me. If anyone thinks it looks bad, please let me know. It’s hard to be objective and I rarely click on my own page, unless I’m customizing. I missed having a header photo but I don’t want to have it if it looks terrible. I’ve been debating changing themes but I like the features of this one and every time I look at others, I come back to Suits. Maybe a new one with the perfect header and the features I like will come out soon. Until then, I’ll keep playing around and doing the blogging 101 assignments.

Blogging 101: About Page

I’ve been putting off working on my about page for a while now, so I’m glad the assignment today kicked me into gear. I’m not exactly happy with what I’ve written there, but I’m happy that I wrote something at all. I will work on it more over time and get it ‘perfect’ over the next few weeks. For now, I’m glad that it’s no longer my gravatar profile occupying the space.

Blogging 101 Assignment: Theme Torture

The assignment today is to basically play around with themes. I feel like a toddler sitting in time-out with my arms crossed still refusing to do what Mom says. I’m not changing mine. I have tried almost every theme WordPress has. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for the bright shiny new ones that come out, ooh pretty. However, one thing I learned in my theme roller-coaster time is that each time I try a new theme, I have to mess with the widgets again. These days I look at the preview but unless a new one comes along and blows my mind, I’m content to keep this one.

Another Blogging 101 assignment that I have to skip

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

This is not a bad assignment but I’m not really sure how to handle it. I do not have a specific ‘dream reader.’ I am happy if anyone reads what I write, so everything I post is geared to anyone. I don’t value one type of reader over another. That probably sounds like BS. A lot of my posts are talking to other writers. This blog is, after all, about writing. But it also has MY writing and I hope that none of my readers feel like I’m not talking to them as well.

If I’m forced to define my dream reader then I will say that it would be someone who enjoys reading what I write. That could be short stories, writing tips, prompts, rants, updates, etc. You are all my dream readers.

Does this count as skipping the assignment?

Blogging 101 Assignment – Say Your Name

The assignment today is to edit my title and tagline. I must confess, I’m not changing either today. When I started this blog in November I played around with everything that I felt I could without messing stuff up. I struggled to come up with a blog title and changed it several times a day until I found one I loved. I felt strongly enough about it that I purchased the domain name. As for the tagline, it’s perhaps a little simple but it gets the point across. Besides, I know I will change it again if something inspires me. I do think everyone should play around with these things, I certainly did.

Introducing Myself, Again

As most of you know, I’m pretty new to blogging. I feel like I have the basics down but there is still so much to learn. Therefore I signed up for the newest Blogging 101 course. The first assignment is to introduce yourself. My name is Kristi and I’m a writer. I am currently working on many projects:

  • A middle grade story about a fairy and her friends. They are each trying to become a Fairy Godmother/Godfather. The problem is the fairy is terrible at magic and failed her final exam. The friends are a centaur, a human boy and a troll. I could go on and on about this story but I’ll control myself for now.
  • A fantasy story with an ensemble cast. There is a long quest and magic. There are a few dragons sprinkled in and some pretty cool locations.
  • A Young Adult story that is still forming.
  • A suspense story that I periodically work on. I’m a fantasy writer at heart but this story was the first ‘real’ novel I started so I am determined to fix it.
  • I’m on this flash fiction kick. I never thought I could write a very short story that would be any good. I also have a rebellious nature, so that’s a challenge to me. I’m going to get good at it whether I like it or not!
  • There are a couple of children’s stories floating around somewhere in my computer, or in spirals, or in my head. Most were written years and years ago when my kids were small. Now one of my daughters will be an adult soon and she’s an amazing artist. I’ll pay her to illustrate. I guess that’s why I never got around to doing anything with them.
  • This blog. I’ve read many blogs and like the flash fiction thing, I thought I would never be good at it. For a long time I didn’t try. What would I say? Who on earth would want to read it? Would I actually work up the nerve to post my work? There’s that challenge thing again!
  • Anything random that pops into my head. A name and a face popped up the other day. I don’t know who this character is or where she belongs but I’m intrigued. More on that on another day.

One of the things suggested to write about for this assignment was what I hope to accomplish with this blog. In a way, I’m not really sure. It’s probably more accurate to say that it’s evolving. At it’s core my blog is about writing. My writing process, writing tips, my work, writing challenges, etc. I’ve occasionally ranted, although I hope to keep that to a minimum. My blog writing goals are pretty simple. I want to post something at least once a week that is not a writing challenge. I already do that twice a week and will continue. I’m also trying to make myself post more rough drafts of flash fiction. Even if no one reads them, it helps keep me accountable and on the right track.

Not much personal there right? Actually for too many years I let writing take a backseat and suffered for it. My writing is me, in so many ways. The other personal stuff is pretty standard. I am an inside person. I have very fair skin that burns easily, so I don’t like to be outside for long periods of time. I have a bad temper (redhead here) and I get distracted easily. In spite of said temper, I’m super easy to get along with. I’m into geeky things, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly. I play World of Warcraft and I’m pretty good at it.  I named my dogs Link and Dante. I read mostly fantasy and occasionally science fiction. I read very fast so I learned that re-reading books once a year or so is a great thing. I’d rather stay in than go out, but getting out occasionally keeps me human. I have a strong dislike for certain music types that I will not mention, but I love hard rock. I am addicted to stuff that you can buy to organize your junk. If it’s in the storage/organizing department of any store then I probably want it. I also love cool boxes. I wouldn’t say I collect them, but if I did/will, I want those small carved wooden ones and at least one huge carved one. I only own about ten pairs of shoes but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t deny me woman status. What might is that I only have a couple of purses that I hardly use. I don’t drink coffee, ever. If you want to understand that, read my rough draft of The Surgery, it’s under Flash Fiction. I do drink hot tea, either British Breakfast or 100% White Tea from The Republic of Tea. If I go to coffee shops then I get whatever plain black tea they have.

So there you have it. More about me than you ever wanted to know. I’m going to try to do each of the Blogging 101 assignments so please be patient with me. Hopefully when it’s all said and done, my blog will have improved.

Oh and my handwriting is truly awful.